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Tenants Fees

Property Tenant Fees

We pride ourselves on client service and transparency, so we’re happy to tell you all our tenant fees upfront. Still considering whether we’re right for you? Just give us a call on 0207 078 0077 and we can answer any questions about which items apply to your specific situation.

 When renting a property through us, there are various costs you the tenant should take into consideration when placing an offer.

All our fees are including VAT at 20%.

Prior to the tenancy

Administration* / Reference Fee                          
1 weeks rent + 20% VAT
Check In Inventory Fee
Paid by Landlord
Guarantor Fee if required
No Charge
Right to rent check
No Charge

Move in monies  

Usually payable in advance for each tenancy. You will therefore need to pay, as a minimum, the first month’s rent prior
to the commencement of your tenancy, although the amount payable will differ depending on the terms of your tenancy.                        
Eg – weekly rent £300.00
£300 x 52 / 12 = £1300.00
Tenancy Deposit

This payment is the equivalent of 6 weeks rent, payable prior to the commencement of your tenancy.
Eg – Weekly rent £300.00
£300 x 6 = £1800.00

Miscellaneous Costs

Interest on unpaid rent                                          
3% above Bank of England Base Rate
During tenancy

Amendment of tenancy to include a change of tenant
Extending the tenancy after the initial term expires

End of tenancy

Inventory charges, in most lets, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to pay for an inventory check out. Checks out costs are  
dependent on the size of the property
£120 - £250
End of tenancy clean it’s the tenant’s responsibility to pay for an end of tenancy clean. Costs are dependent on the size of the property
£180 - £300

*Referencing tenants (obtaining financial credit checks,  immigration and visa confirmation, obtaining a reference from current or past employers, a landlord check and general affordability of the tenant.*