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Landlord Fees

Property letting fees

With over over 12 years experience in the industry, we believe we have authority within the areas we work in. We pride ourselves on client service and transparency, so we’re happy to tell you all our lettings fees upfront. Still considering whether we’re right for you? Just give us a call on 0207 078 0077 and we can answer any questions about which items apply to your specific situation. 

All our fees are calculated as a percentage of the gross rental income.

Letting service - 12% Includes VAT at 20%
(10% + VAT)
Renewal of lease beyond the original term – 9.6%  Includes VAT at 20%
(8%+ VAT)

Professional photos and a floor plan

Promote property on the Capital Heights website

List property on the major property portals

Source tenants

Negotiate with tenants on your behalf

Reference checks of potential tenants by a specialist third party

Conduct a Right to Rent check

Collect deposit and first month’s rent

Place deposit in a registered deposit protection scheme

Provide tenant with welcome kit including direct debit forms

Draw up tenancy agreement

Inform the local authority of change of tenant for council tax purposes

NB the letting fee is collected in full at the start of the tenancy

Rent collection service – 14.4%  Includes VAT at 20%
(12% + VAT)
Renewal beyond the original term – 12%  Includes VAT at 20%
(10% + VAT)

Includes all the letting service inclusions plus:

Collect your rent from tenants for the duration of the tenancy

Provide a statement of account every month

Pursue tenants regarding late and non-payment of rent

NB the fee is apportioned over the first three months of the tenancy

Full property management – 18% Includes VAT at 20%
(15% + VAT)
Renewal beyond the original term – 16.8% Includes VAT at 20%
(14% + VAT)

Includes the complete letting and rent collection service inclusions, plus:

Be the first point of call for the tenants and landlord if anything goes wrong during the tenancy

Hold keys throughout the tenancy

Provide an inventory at check-in and check-out

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if required

Gas Safety certificate if required

Liaise with tenants to arrange access for any inspections and/or contractors

Arrange for contractors to provide quotes and carry out works if necessary

Pay authorised contractor invoices, deducting from the rent payable.

Provide insurance that covers rent protection, legal expenses and eviction processes if needed. This covers:
Up to £50,000 of rent should the tenant default
Up to £100,000 legal expenses

Manage the eviction process if required

Free access to specialist advice and support through a legal helpline

Specialised services (Include VAT at 20%)

Tenancy agreement fee

Legally-compliant deposit protection
no charge
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
Gas Safety certificate
Property inspections
£60 per visit
Safety check under the electrical equipment safety regulations

Inventory check-in / check-out (Include VAT at 20%)


1 bedroom
2 bedroom
3 bedroom
4 bedroom
5 bedroom

You can find out more information on the benefits of our full management service here Why Choose Capital Heights page for landlords