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A step by step guide to buying

Whether you’re looking to buy your first property or your fifth, we’ll make sure you’re always fully informed at every stage of the process.

Our helpful step by step guide to buying shows you how to buy a property in London.

How much do you want to spent on your new home? You likely have an idea of this already, but it’s useful to take a look at some online mortgage affordability calculators. We like the one provided by the Money Advice Service [link to, ensure link is set to “open in new window”] We have properties available to suit every budget.


step - 2 Get a mortgage in principle

This is where the bank has provided written evidence that they will, in principle,lend you up to a certain amount. Having a mortgage in principle in place helps with negotiations and can speed up the buying process.


step - 3 Define your criteria

What exactly are you looking for? A two-bed flat with gas heating? A studio apartment within ten minutes of a Tube station? Knowing exactly what you want will help us make sure that you see the right properties.


step - 4 Register with Capital Heights

Registering with us means you’ll be first in line to hear about all the new listings that match your criteria. Get to the front of the queue by registering here [online registration form]


step - 5 Attend viewings

We’ll arrange access for you to view all the properties that meet your criteria. Property viewings can be arranged either weekdays or weekends at a time that suits both you and the seller.


Buy Step - 6 Make an offer

Once you’ve found your ideal home, it’s time to make an offer. We’ll pass your offer to the buyer on your behalf. At this point it’s useful to have both your mortgage in principle and your solicitor in place. If you don’t have a solicitor already, we can provide you with a list of recommendations.


Buy Step - 7 Offer Accepted

Once the seller has accepted your offer, we’ll prepare a Memorandum of Sale outlining the agreed price, contact details of both parties and their solicitors, and any conditions of the sale. Now it’s time to move forward with getting your mortgage and to instruct your solicitor to start the conveyancing process.


Buy Step - 8 Mortgage Offer

Your lender will arrange for a survey to be carried out on the property, and after this you’ll receive your formal mortgage offer in writing.


Buy Step - 9 Exchange Of Contracts

This is the point at which the sale becomes legally binding. The contract will include your agreed date of completion, and it’s at this point that you need to pay a deposit (often 10% of the purchase price).


Buy Step - 10 Completion

The full amount of the purchase price is transferred to the seller’s solicitors, and the property is legally yours.

Congratulations on buying your new home!